The best beer

Joint Moldavian Czech venture company «BEERMASTER» JSC began its activity in 1906 when a German brewer had founded a beer factory. In the early 20th century this factory was among the first in this region who started manufacturing of beer according to European technology. The secret of its remarkable taste and exceptional freshness was that the beer was maturated in oak casks. The most precious brands of beer were considered to be the Czech, Bavarian and Viennese. In those days the factory had been producing 11870 buckets of beer per a year, the number of people working there was 15. Nowadays, we are still following the technology of classical brewage, using the German, Czech and Belgian equipment. Like one hundred years ago, we are still brewing beer without changing our traditions. The bounty of nature, the talent of brewers!

The main difference of our beer is that it is brewed like at many Czech local breweries – in accordance with the law of small brewage. We produce the beer in a classical way without using the acceleration technologies, which allow production of beer within 10-15 days. That’s why the whole process of production, depending on its make, continues from 28 up to 49 days. The classical technology is a rather expensive kind of production but it is the only technology which allows to brew the beer with a traditional taste. Producing our beer, we do not use any kind of chemical additives, syrup concentrate (maltose extract) or GMO.

For us, good beer is essential to the quality of life. People who love wine or bread or cheese, for example, would take the same view. These are all perfect products for the entrepreneur, but so are scores of others. In our view, a passion for the product is the first essential. If you have a passion, look at that first. Whatever excites your passion, there are surely others who feel the same way.